Fixstars Releases New YellowDog for Cell

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Fixstars, new owners of the Terrasoft Solutions folks, have already announced a version of YellowDog Linux for the Cell processor.

This marks the final release of Yellow Dog Linux by Terra Soft and the first
by Fixstars,” states Owen Stampflee, Fixstars Solutions’ Director of
Engineering, “In the past five years we have made incremental improvements
with each release, always pressing for a higher quality end user experience.
In some updates, we focus on the desktop; in others the development
environment. With version 6.1 we have accomplished a unique blend of both. I
am personally proud of what we offer with this version of Yellow Dog, and
believe our users will enjoy it as well.”

Satoshi Miki, Fixstars Chief Executive Officer states, “We are proud to not
only acquire and tightly integrate YDL into our product and service
offerings, but to be a part of this particular release which intentionally
addresses the needs of the Cell developer. Having been a YDL user for more
than two years, to launch our first Fixstars’ branded YDL distribution is a
proud moment for my company.”

…and the technicals:

For end users, Yellow Dog Linux v6.1 offers an updated Firefox and, a vastly improved graphical wireless configuration tool, and
the introduction of ps3vram functionality which enables use of PS3 video RAM
for temporary storage or swap.

For developers, v6.1 offers the latest stable kernel, an updated GCC, the open
portion of the IBM Cell SDK v3.1, and through a working relationship with the
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, YDL v6.1 now ships with the new Cell

For more info, grab all the details here.