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Foundry Powers SC08 Conference Network

Hot on the tails of Brocade acquiring the company, Foundry has cut a press release touting its participation in the SC08 conference network, SCinet.  For those who don’t know, SCinet is the driving force behind SC08 connectivity.  Wired, wireless, Infiniband, 10GbE, 1GbE; you name it, they have it.  SCinet also connects multiple incoming 10Gbps circuits to the exhibition floor.  Foundry has announced their integral participation by providing the BigIron RX backbone Layer 2/3 switches for core traffic.  They have also provided several routing devices for the Layer 2 to Layer 3 push.

We are pleased to continue our HPC market leadership with our participation in SC08 and SCinet,” said Ken Cheng, vice president and general manager for Foundry’s High-End and Service Provider Systems Business Unit. “As an integral component of SCinet, through innovative activities with Purdue University, and our constant product leadership, Foundry continues its momentum as a true pioneer and performance-oriented visionary in the HPC space.”

For more info on Foundry’s participation, check out the post here.  For more info on the SCinet network ninjas, check out their website here.

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