NEC and HLRS Collaborate on Hybrid Super

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NEC and HLRS have announced an agreement that is expected to drive the next generation of hybrid supercomputing technology.  The agreement solidifies a testing system for HLRS based on NEC’s SX-9 vector supercomputer as well as an x86-based cluster system.  NEC will also provide system interconnect technology and software components including MPI distros, schedulers and software dev environments.

The realization of a hybrid supercomputing environment will enable us tomuch better serve the requirements of our users, who are working onmulti-physics and multi-scale problems, and to help achieve substantialbreakthroughs in these important fields,” said Professor Dr. Michael Resch,Director of HLRS.

“Hybrid Supercomputing is the key concept of NEC’s next generation HPCsolution,” said Fumihiko Hisamitsu, General Manager, HPC MarketingPromotion Division, NEC. “NEC will leverage the outcome of thiscollaboration to provide hybrid solutions for our customers in the future,”he added.

The project is supported via a wide ranges of financial resources, including federal, state, D-Grid and PRACE funding.  NEC and HLRS will jointly present the details on the collaboration project during a workshop at SC08.  The workshop will take place on the afternoon of Nov 19 [check your show booklet for more details].  In the mean time, read the full release here.