OpenGeoSolutions Utilizes NVIDIA Tesla

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Calgary-based OpenGeoSolutions has announced their use of NVIDIA’s Tesla platform to accelerate “Spectral Decomposition.”  OpenGeoSolutions provides spectral decomposition and inversion services and support for an open source seismic processing system called FreeUSP.  These spectral decomp jobs can require several hours or several days of computational time on a traditional cluster.  In six weeks, the development team ported key portions of their code to the CUDA platform.

We are measuring speedups from 2 hours to 2 minutes using CUDA and the Tesla C1060,” said James Allison, president of OpenGeoSolutions, Inc. “This kind of performance increase is totally unprecedented and in a market where there is great economic value in being able to determine these fine sub- surface details, this is a game changer.”

I always enjoy seeing “real” applications achieving speedups of this magnitude using new technology.  For more info, read the full release here.