SC08 Teaser

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For those soon to be en-route to the Lone Star State, I wanted to throw out a few teasers on what to expect from this year’s show.  Yours truly has already had the opportunity to walk the [yet unfinished] exhibit hall spying neat goodies to be unveiled next week.  [This article will not disclose any proprietary/yet to be released information].  Here goes…

.: I had a moment to quickly browse through the 20th Anniversary Exhibit.  What’s that I spy? A Cray-1!

.: I had a chance to take a peek at Sun’s Java Chopper.  Very cool for the gearhead’s among us.

.: Cycling jackets and denim have replaced the traditional fleece in the SC Store.  Why does this matter?  A cold front blew in *after* I arrived, leaving me stranded without the necessary threads.

.: I spy *lots* of crates built for 42U [ish] racks [many more than usual].  Is this a sign of a host of neato machines to be unveiled?  You’ll have to show up to find out.

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