TotalView Announces Support for BCU-100 Cell Platform

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HPCWire: TotalView Technologies have announced supprort for the Sony BCU-100 Cell platform.  Those of you who don’t recognize the platform, the BCU-100 incorporates the Cell Broadband Engine [Cell/BE] and RSX technologies, originally developed for the Playstation3 game console.  The TotalView tool will support source code debugging, analysis and memory error detection.

With the resolution required to create digital video on the rise, the time needed for post production work has significantly increased, resulting in the demand for more efficient workflows,” said Yasuhiko Yokote, head of the Cell Application Development Center, SONY Corporate R&D. “The new BCU-100 Computing Unit reflects Sony’s efforts to accelerate the process, and the addition of a powerful development tool such as TotalView is a perfect complement to the platform.”

For more info on TotalView’s support, read the full release here.