How to Build a PS3 Cluster

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Those of you asking for a pallet full of PS3’s for Christmas listen up!  Two researchers from UMass have created an illustrated how-to for assembling your very own Sony PS3 cluster.  Professor Gaurav Khanna and Principal Investigator Chris Poulin, both of UMass Dartmouth, publish and manage the guide.  Last year, Khanna made headlines when he created a cluster of eight PS3’s dedicated to solving the equations around the prediction of gravatational waves from the black holes.

Science budgets have been significantly dropping over the last decade,” Khanna said. “Here’s a way that people can do science projects less expensively. This new web site will show people how to move forward.”

The guide is freely available on the web under an open source license.

We hope to continue to bring supercomputing to a broader audience by providing tools that simplify the use of these systems,” said Poulin, who specializes in distributed pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Very cool stuff.  For more info on the project, read the full article here or check out the guide here.