BOXXTech Releases Monster Workstation

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BOXX Technologies, proprietors of high-end graphics workstations and servers, have announced the release of their latest high end workstation series, the 4850 Extreme.  What’s so Extreme about it?  They’ve taken the latest Intel Core i7 technology and pushed the clock up to 4GHz [from 3.2].  They’ve also committed to sell the new box, er boxx, for less than their competitors at Dell, HP and Apple.

The value of the 4850 Extreme is not only that it dominates the competition for performance — it also dominates in terms of savings. The current economic situation requires our customers to increase productivity while reducing costs. BOXX Extreme offers outstanding performance for less money and that’s just what our customers need,” said Shoaib Mohammad, Director of Marketing and Business Development at BOXX.

This news release isn’t terribly related to high performance computing.  However, it does shed some light on the rumored capabilities of the upcoming Core i7-based Intel Xeon [codenamed Nehalem].  Either way, if you’d like a workstation that will simply melt your face off, read the full release here.