Butte Super May Pay off for Butte Already

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We’ve recently been following the progress of a new supercomputing project spawned by the folks in Butte, Montana.  In an effort to spur economic as well as academic development in the region, the individuals involved went to great lengths to get this project rolling.  Well, it looks like it may be paying off already.  According to a Montana news station, the resource request list for the new supercomputer is already growing.  The most obvious users are the local academics from Montana Tech, but the local commercial scene is heavily involved as well.

Because of the complex physics involved with high speed aerospace vehicles, you’ve got to have large computing capabilities such as the supercomputer like we’re going to have here,” Dave Micheletti of MSE Technology Applications said.

Its actually become so popular that a “developer of virtual worlds” has reportedly expressed interest in possibly starting a new company in Butte.  Could this be the fabled founder of SecondLife, Philip Rosedale?  The interested parties cite a low cost of available resource use [cpu hours] on the new machine as the primary driver for coming to Butte.

Congrats to those involved with the project on such a successful step out of the gate.  For more info, read the full article here.