University of Magdeburg to Deploy SiCortex

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The University of Magdeburg of Germany has announced that MEGWARE Computer GmbH, the SiCortex partner in Germany, has been selected to install a new SiCortex 5832 system.  The new machine will be utilized by the university to advance several key areas in physics.  These projects include the calculation of quantum spin systems, nano- and microstructures in semiconductor matierals, random number generation and eutectic crystallization.

The SiCortex machine performed impressively on the benchmarks and came in significantly under the power ceiling of 60kW.

We capped power consumption at 60 kilowatts for the bid, and that limit was a problem for many of the proposed systems,” said Dr. Rolf Knocke, director of the Computing Center at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg. “Not only did the SiCortex system meet our power requirements, it came in 40 kilowatts under the limit — quite impressive considering the performance levels of the machine. The expected cost savings over time by running this energy efficient system was also a factor in our decision. Overall, we’re very optimistic about how the computer will perform, and are proud to be the first university in Europe to install this dedicated HPC machine.

For more info on the new SiCortex machine, read the full release here.