ING Renault F1 Team Partners with APC

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The ING Renault Formula1 Team has announced a partnership with APC.  Changes to the FIA regulations dictate that the team must complete even more rigorous aerodynamic simulations of their car.  In order to ensure the maximum availability of the computational resources, Renault teamed with APC.

Jarrod Murphy, Head of CFD of the ING Renault F1 Team said ” Significant changes to the regulations for 2009 have presented many challenges for the aerodynamic development of the car. Therefore our use of computational fluid dynamics software for aerodynamic design and validation has strategic importance for the 2009 season. APC’s InfraStruXure® with Hot Aisle Containment System® (HACS) ensures dependable power and cooling for our Mistral supercomputer to run the CFD application 24×7.”

APC supplied two separate APC InfraStruXure HACS with NetShelter equipment racks, APC inRow RC cooling units, APC Symmetra UPS systems and an array of Netbotz monitoring devices.  This is not at all surprising.  As business organizations [Formula1 racing is more than a sport] continue to expend captial resources on high performance computing, infrastructure considerations will continually grow in importance in order to protect the core investment.

For more info on the partnership, read the full release here.