Nagoya University Goes with Fujitsu

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Fujitsu Ltd. has announced that they have won a bid to provide the Information Technology Center at Nagoya University with a new supercomputer system.  The new system will contain a hybrid mix between three different architectures.  Included in the system will be machines based on the SPARC Enterprise M9000 UNIX platform, the HX600 technical computing server platform and the FX1 high-end technical computing server.  The combined peak performance of the entire machine will be roughly 60 TFlops.

Katsuya Ishii, Professor, Information Technology Center, Nagoya University, said, “To meet the diverse needs of users from various research fields, Nagoya University decided to install the hybrid supercomputer system comprising three different architectures. Similar to our previous system built on Fujitsu’s PRIMEPOWER HPC2500, the new system is equipped with high processing capacity as well as large memory and able to perform massive computation and large-scale data processing.”

The new machine will go into production in two stages.  The first stage will begin in May of 2009 and the second in October.  For more details on the specifics of the architecture, read the full release here.