Red Bull Employs Platform Computing Technology for 2009 Race Season

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red_bull_racingThe Red Bull Racing Formula One team has recently employed the help of Platform Computing to assist in managing its HPC loads for the 2009 race season.  Considering the recent FIA design regulation changes, Red Bull and other teams have been forced to redesign many of the core aerodynamic components of the racecar.  As a result, each team is facing a much greater need for computational cycles in time for the 2009 season opener.  Red Bull has enlisted Platform to help manage the workload on their, newly expanded, 3000 core machine.

Being able to make CFD analysis effectively and efficiently has made a big difference. The name of the game is going though as many iterations [of the car] as you can. The team that goes through the most iterations has the better optimised car, and therefore will be the quicker,” [Steve Nevey; Red Bull Racing’s business development manager].

Red Bull will be using LSF, Platform’s flagship batch scheduling facility.  According to the team, LSF has helped gain an additional 20% of time for CFD analysis.  For more info, read the full article here.