Cilk Performance Analyzer

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CilkArts has just announced a new tool bundled with its Cilk++ version 1.0.2 release.  The Parallel Performance Analyzer helps application analysts evaluate the parallel performance of a Cilk++ program by graphically illustrating the delta between the upper bounds of performance versus the lower bounds.

In addition to the performance prediction graphs shown here, the Parallel Analyzer generates a variety of other low-level information that you can use to evaluate and improve the parallel efficiency of your program. The tool provides a statistical analysis of your Cilk++ program designed to help you understand how your parallel programs will scale to more cores, and helps identify potential problems that can have a dramatic impact on parallel performance.

This is an interesting approach to applications analysis.  Most currently available tools focus soley on the nuts of bolts of what your application is doing.  The new Cilk++ Parallel Perf tool illustrates what your application could be doing.  For a more detailed look [including code examples], check out the CilkArts company blog here.