Fujitsu Claims Development of World's Fastest Processor

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Fujitsu has claimed that is has developed the world’s fastest processor.  According to the release, the cpu “computed” 128 billion times per second, 2.5 times faster than Intel’s current record.  They’ve done so by shrinking the size of each of the core circuits, thus doubling the number of circuits per chip.  All this, at one-third of the power consumption of the previous model.

The release points out that it will be a few years before the public will see the chip in practical applications, namely supercomputers.  The article is very short on any technical details, such as the host instruction set.  InsideHPC would gladly entertain an interview from anyone within Fujitsu to elaborate a bit on the release.  (You can email me here).  In the mean time, read the full release here.