Swiss National Supercomputing Center Upgrades Cray and Storage

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The Swiss National Supercomputing Center [CSCS] has announced that it recently installed five LSI Engenio 7900 HPC storage systems alongside its Cray upgrade.  As a part of the move from a Cray XT3 to an XT5, CSCS decided to upgrade the storage digs as well.  The latest in LSI technology will deliver sustained data transfer rates of around 20 GB/s for the Lustre file system.  With this upgrade, CSCS has the most powerful supercomputer in Switzerland.

The upgrade to the Cray XT5 with integrated LSI Engenio 7900 storage is a significant step toward sustained petascale computing capability,” said Prof. Thomas Schulthess, director of CSCS. “The exceptional storage performance is important to achieve a well-balanced supercomputer that will enable our users to push the boundaries of simulation-based science and gain scientific insights that would otherwise be impossible.”

CSCS supports the Swiss research community with their high performance and high-throughput computing platforms.  For more info, read the full release here.