UNT Buys New Cluster, Seeks to Expand Research Initiatives

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The University of North Texas has announced that it is moving forward to build a new $2.2 million centralized high performance computing facility.  The new facility will be built using state incentive funds with the Closing the Gaps initiative and a small portion of university dollars.

I can’t even begin to describe how exciting this is,” said Angela Wilson, associate professor of chemistry who served on a committee that evaluated computing needs on campus. “UNT will become an even bigger player in the university research scene. This opens up so many doors for our faculty and researchers.”

Previously, UNT had only 200 cores of compute available to the local research community.  As such, professors and research groups were forced to either gain funding for their own resources or solicit resources from projects such as the Teragrid.  The new machine will consist of 1,792 cores covering 224 nodes of compute, provided by Dell.

For more info on UNT’s new cluster, read the full article here.