ANSYS Releases HFSS 12.0

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ansysANSYS, today, released their HFSS version 12.0 directed towards full-wave electromagnetic field simulation.  The new release, part of the Ansoft suite, will help engineers design, simulate and validate the behavior of various high-performance RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices.  The latest release includes a new set of domain decomposition tools in order to deliver a dramatic reduction in simulation time on high performance computing gear.

HFSS 12.0 is a breakthrough in high-frequency electromagnetic field simulation,” said Zol Cendes, chief technology officer and general manager at Ansoft. “For the first time, engineers are able to solve vast electromagnetic field problems with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Because of domain decomposition, microwave and electronics engineers now have the opportunity to successfully address a new range of problems containing hundreds of millions of unknowns that previously could not be addressed by simulation. The ANSYS focus on developing simulation technology that takes full advantage of modern computer hardware solutions means that customers will have future capabilities that, today, we can only imagine.”

New features in the 12.0 release include:

  • New TAU meshing technology
  • Domain decomposition solver technology
  • Curvilinear elements
  • Mixed element orders
  • Adjoint derivative computation
  • Update to ACIS R19.2
  • Improved link with ANSYS® DesignXplorer™ software

For more info, read the full release here.