Visioglobe Presenting at NVIDIA Emerging Company Summit

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Visioglobe has announced that their CEO, Eric Bernard, will present a full immersive navigation application with location based services of San Jose and Paris at the NVIDIA Emerging Company Summit.  The actual Visioglobe editor is an editor who’s ambition is to revolutionize 3D visualization in the world’s biggest cities using real photographic data and real-time information.  They’re billing the Visioglobe product as providing a “first life” experience, which enhances the real world experience by providing the world in 3D on embedded devices (such as NVIDIA Tegra) with highly detailed buildings and landmarks.

Following an incubation path in partnership with the INRIA laboratory (National Institute of Computing and Automatic Control Engineering) and twice winner of the National competition of French R&D, Visioglobe was created at the end of 2007 by Philippe Poutignat (ENSTA Engineer, 16 years in Thales training), and Eric Bernard (EM Lyon MBA, 12 years in IT, Oracle, Fi-System, SQLI)
The company finished its first fund raising in September 2009, in order to increase its R&D and Sales team. The R&D team has been enhanced by a strong group of international engineers, with background from MIT, New Zealand engineering school and leading French engineering schools. This first fund raising will accelerate the international development of the company, in Europe, in the US, and in Asia. A second fund raising is already planed for the Q1/2011 in order to sustain and “comfort” its international presence.

The app looks very tasty to those interested in integrating real-time info and synthetic geometry in real-time.  Eric Bernard will present the application on Friday, October 2nd at 2PM in the Fairfield Room at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.  For more info, check out their website here.