2010 WRF Hurricane Workshop and Tutorial

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Just announced via the WRF news mailing list, the core developers and management behind the Weather Research Forecast [WRF] code have released details on the 2010 WRF Hurricane Workshop and the first annual WRF Tutorial for Hurricanes.  The two events share registration details, but will occur as separate events.


The 2-day workshop will involve scientific talks on the evolution of
hurricane science, the advancement of observations and modeling systems
that has occurred over the past two decades, plus a summary of the major
challenges remaining in numerical hurricane prediction.

The 3-day “hands on” tutorial for the AHW and HWRF will follow the
workshop. The instruction will be done jointly as much as possible with
separate lectures for aspects of the systems that are different for the
two dynamic cores. [Bonnie Slagel, event logistics]

The events will take place Feb 24-26, 2010 at the NCAR Foothills Lab in Boulder, Colorado.  For more information and registration details, check out the event page at the DTC here.