ScaleMP Announces Lower Cost 8-Socket SMP

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scalempScaleMP, today, announced a new enhancement to its vSMP Foundation line of virtualized symmetric multiprocessor system components.  The new product features what they call Direct Connect 2 [DC2] technology.  The capabilities of which are targeted at entry level SMP customers by connecting up to four dual socket Intel nodes using point-to-point Infiniband.  Overall, the new technology is pegged at lowering the cost of such systems by eliminating the requirement to buy an Infiniband switch.

Using the computational power of Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 series, virtual SMP solutions based on ScaleMP technology deliver high performance dedicated SMP solutions at dramatically lower cost than comparable offerings,” said Dylan Larson, Data Center Technology Initiatives at Intel Corporation. “ScaleMP offers significant compute and memory bandwidth performance advantages, making it a powerful solution for the entry-level HPC market using servers based on Intel architecture.”“vSMP Foundation for SMP enables companies to deploy an SMP infrastructure on equipment they already own, without having to purchase more costly  large systems.” said Dan Olds, principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group. “Users with a smaller scale deployment can use ScaleMP’s new DC2 technology to create a large system image without having to buy an expensive InfiniBand switch – saving a significant chunk of money.”

Key features of the new DC2 technology include:

  • Eliminates the need for an InfiniBand switch, resulting in significantly lower total cost of overhead
  • Aggregates up to four Intel Architecture servers to create large CPU and memory systems utilizing Intel’s latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series
  • Enables an 8-socket virtual SMP system with the latest Intel Xeon Processor 5500 series

The DC2 technology is available with the vSMP Foundation for SMP release 2.1, which is currently in beta.  General availability will fall on December 1 of this year.  For more info on the new configurations coming out of ScaleMP, check out their website here.