TeamHPC Launches Personal Supercomputer at SC09

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TeamHPC has announced details to launch and demo its first supercomputer workstation at SC09.  The MANDA Pro 6700 utilizes the ASUS P6T7 board with three NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in a 3-way SLI configuration and an Intel Core i7 Extreme host processor.  The configuration will also support up to three NVIDIA Tesla cards in order to support CUDA-based applications.  From their release:

The MANDA Pro 6700 comes fully configured with three NVIDIA GeForce GTX285 GPUs, Intel Core i7 Extreme, and two 640GB 7200 RPM hard drives configured in RAID 0 for faster access. This powerful workstation comes packaged in a minitower quiet design with three year warranty. The MANDA Pro 6700 offers an alternative desktop solution for highly parallel computations in 3D design, modeling and simulation. It also offers an incredible graphics performance for war games training and simulation in the US military.

For more info, read their full release here or check them out in Booth #859 at SC09.