Queensland Selects Mitrion Accelerated Computing Platform

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The Queensland University of Technology [QUT] High Performance Computing group has selected the Mitrionics Mitrion Accelerated Computing Platform to explore algorithmic acceleration of several core user workloads.  Initial projects will focus on molecular dynamics, UAV on-board processing, genetic computations, elementary mathematical functions, and computational fluid dynamics.  In order to utilize the potential of their current FPGA-enabled compute platforms, QUT purchased the Mitrion Virtual Processor and Mitrion Software Development Kit.

The Mitrion SDK is an important addition to our suite of high performance software development tools, making the potential benefits of reconfigurable computing and co-processing more accessible to our researchers at a lower programming effort,” said Dr. Neil Kelson, Research User Services Manager, High Performance Computing & Research Support Group, Queensland University of Technology. “Compared with traditional HDLs, our preliminary experience suggests that Mitrion-C will allow our users to more rapidly explore FPGA-based acceleration in a diverse range of areas, from vision and path planning in UAVs and robots, molecular dynamics analysis of nanoscale materials, to Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations.”

Queensland University of Technology is recognized worldwide for its quality education and excellence in applied research for diverse industries,” noted Robert Wall, director of business development for Mitrionics, Inc. “Mitrionics is excited to collaborate with QUT on their projects to accelerate applications for the benefit of their different departments and scientific users.”

For more info on the QUT work with Mitrionics, read the full release here.