Altair Announces PBS Works 10.2

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Altair Engineering has announced the immediate release in the latest line of PBS Pro batch scheduling tools.  PBS Works version 10.2 adds several new features for the suite.  It delivers a web-based version of PBS Catalyst and adds several scalability and charting capabilities with PBS Analytics.

“In 2010, high-performance computing is poised for a breakout year,” said Dr. Bill Nitzberg, chief technical officer for PBS Works. “The driving focus behind PBS Works has always been on making HPC easier to manage and simpler to use. The PBS Works 10.2 suite adds support for dynamic node provisioning that helps match resources to incoming jobs. We’ve also improved the overall scalability and resiliency to keep pace with the rapidly growing complexity of today’s application workloads.”

Today’s HPC users demand powerful tools that can match their constantly changing workloads with available computing resources,” said Barry Bolding, Cray’s vice president of scalable systems. “PBS Works makes using and managing HPC simple, fast and cost effective, helping our joint customers get the most from their HPC investments.”

More key features upgrades include:

PBS Works

  • New Web version of PBS Catalyst, with an easy-to-use and simple-to-manage interface
  • Intelligent, application-aware user “portals” that raise user productivity and simplify overall management
  • Dynamic node provisioning that helps match compute resources with incoming jobs
  • Additional query and charting options with PBS Analytics

PBS Professional

  • Dynamically provisions nodes to match workloads
  • Additional job submission ‘hooks’ for optimized resource utilization
  • General-purpose job check pointing and restart
  • Support for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise version 11

PBS Analytics

  • More scalable and resilient to easily support larger and complex data sets
  • Create and drill into multi-dimensional charts
  • Expanded platform support for data collectors on Windows and Linux systems

For more info on all the new PBS digs from Altair, read the full release here.