Impulse and Pico Release DNA Sequencer For FPGA

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Impulse Accelerated Technologies today announced that its CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA compiler suite was used to develop and deploy a bioinformatics search algorithm on a new FPGA platform from Pico Computing.  The FPGA-accelerated algorithm, written in C, performs sequencing and scoring of DNA sequences with lengths of 25 base pairs.

This bioinformatics algorithm created by Pico Computing is a solid example of how higher-level design tools such as Impulse C can speed the development and deployment of complex algorithms,” said Brian Durwood, co-Founder and COO of Impulse. “Our Platform Support Package integration with multiple Pico Computing products, including the EX-500, allowed this algorithm to be moved with little difficulty onto platforms ranging from single-FPGA cards, to FPGA clusters based on Xilinx Spartan, Virtex-5 and now the new Virtex-6 FPGAs

According to the article, Pico Computing engineers had the algorithm migrated, running and providing performance improvements within two days of having active hardware. Impulse is also partnering with the University of Washington, University of Florida, University of Madrid and other schools on many similar bioinformatics and medical imaging products.

For more info, read the full article here.