Intel Video: Developing A Curriculum for Parallelism: Part 1

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Intel has posted an interesting series of videos recorded at SC09 back in November from various panel discussions.  The first of which was recorded at “Teach Parallel: Developing a Curriculum for Parallelism.”  It includes quite a few familiar faces in the HPC crowd; including: Tom Murphy-Contra Costa College, Robert Chesebourgh-Intel Academic Program, Dr. Jim Larus-Microsoft Research, Dr. John Gustafson-Intel Labs, Dr. Bill-NVIDIA, Dr. Simon Mclintosh Smith-Bristol College, Charles Peck-Earlham College.

Abstract: Time is no longer a best performance programming tool, by just waiting 18 months for a doubling of performance. The discussion initiated by last year’s panel led to the conclusion that parallelism must seamlessly be woven throughout the CS curriculum. This year provides a diabolic panel focused on details; the six panelists will spend 5 minutes each describing what needs to be done, what they have done, and what they plan to do. The second half will be another near free-for-all with the room and the panelists further discussing these hard to implement simply stated goals.

If you’re interested in watching more videos recorded by Intel at the 09′ show, take a look at their video website here.