DataDirect Announces Market Push Into Middle East

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DataDirect Networks today announced their latest push to expand their market share in the high performance storage realm.  Beginning this year, DDN is making investments worth millions of dollars in expanding into the Middle Eastern market.  The market push will include establishing local offices, a state-of-the-art performance and compatibility test lab, and partnerships with best of breed organizations.

We are at the dawn of an IT renaissance in the Middle East, and are very excited to help solve complex scale-out storage and IT challenges across many markets in this region,” said Alex Bouzari, CEO, DataDirect Networks. “With over 5 petabytes and millions of dollars of our Extreme Storage systems already delivered to customers in the region, we believe that this is the right time for DDN to demonstrate long-term sales and support commitment to the Middle East, and accelerate the growth of our installed base across the region.”

According to the release, customers and organizations in the Middle East are deploying a plethora of new applications that will create a deluge of data.  DDN wants to capitalize on this market growth.

DDN is very pleased to appoint SGT as a Premier Partner & Regional Service Center of Excellence in Abu Dhabi as part of our Middle Eastern initiative,” continued Alex. “As a leader in Security and IT systems in the United Arab Emirates, SGT plays an important role in value-added storage consultancy and support of content intensive customers across the UAE.”

“SGT is at the forefront of high-resolution camera deployments for the security marketplace,” said Abdullah Al Neaimi, President of SGT. “Through this partnership and the SGT-DDN Regional Service Center of Excellence, customers in the UAE can finally deploy truly scalable storage systems and efficiently and safely implement online video archives designed to hold months-to-years of security camera footage. With DDN’s proven technology, SGT customers will scale easier, faster and with significantly fewer systems, space and power.”

For more info, read their full release here.