NEC Reorgs To Achieve Biz Milestones

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NEC logoNEC has announced that it will begin a reorganization this April in order to achieve its long-term goals.  Their “V2012: Beyond boundaries, Toward our Vision” plan is the major driver for the changes.  They include:

  1. Expansion of the IT and Network solutions business – Establishment of a Platform Business Unit -In order to expand the “C&C Cloud Strategy,” a Platform Business Unit will be formed by merging the IT Platform Business Unit and Enterprise Communications Solutions Operations Unit. By merging the IT platform business and enterprise communications business, cloud computing infrastructure will be combined into one business unit and NEC will offer globally competitive products and software that integrate IT and networks.
  2. Expansion of global business -Reinforcing the regional sales organization of the International Sales and Operations Business Unit -In order to strengthen sales activities in Greater China and APAC markets, where considerable future growth is expected, an independent Greater China and Asia Pacific Sales Division will be established separate sales organization from the International Sales Division.
  3. Expansion of environmental and energy business – Establishment of a Smart Energy and Green Business Operations Unit -This newly established Smart Energy and Green Business Operations Unit consists of a Smart Energy and Green Business Development Division and a Smart Energy Products Division. They will be directly managed by top executives, and focused on the development and promotion of new environmental and energy businesses, including non automotive battery business and smart grid related business, such as electricity storage core batteries and accelerating electrodes for high-performance lithium ion car batteries.

So how does this affect HPC?  Notice that there is no explicit mention of their supercomputing ventures with the NEC SX-line of vector platforms.  However, its interesting to note that they actually plan on expanding business.  This could be a good thing for the supercomputing groups within the company.  However, only time will tell.

Read their full release here.