NTU Opens HPC Center, Installs IBM

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The Nanyang Technological University [NTU] opened its High Performance Computing Center today.  The center’s charter being to assist the university’s ever growing research contingency, domestic and abroad.  The center also announced the installation of their first machine, an IBM iDataplex.  The 29Tflop machine will be used for research topics in developing future energy sources, studying global climate change, designing new materials, and understanding biological systems and the physics of complex socio-economic systems, among others.

Prior to installing the supercomputer, pockets of computing capabilities were located in Schools on campus which compete for space and financial resources. The establishment of the supercomputer brings under one roof a centralised large-scale computing facility to the 2,800-strong research community on campus. It will also pave the way for a wider range of complex multidisciplinary research endeavours and more opportunities for research interaction within as well as outside of NTU,” says NTU Provost Professor Bertil Andersson.

For more info on the new installation, read the full release here.