OpenFabrics Announces 6th Annual Sonoma Workshop

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The OpenFabrics Alliance [OFA] has announced the agenda for the 6th annual International Sonoma Workshop.  The workshop will take place from March 14-17 at The Lodge at Sonoma.

The goal of the workshop is to plan the next steps in the evolution of OFED based on real-world customer experiences and vendor input. The theme of the workshop is “Exascale to Enterprise,” indicating the range of IT applications that can be accelerated with OFED’s energy and resource-efficient RDMA and kernel-bypass architectures for both high-performance computing sites and enterprise datacenters. Customer technologists, OFED developers and product managers will share their experiences and discuss future requirements for OFED during the workshop.

The keynote speakers for the event are Barney Maccabe and Steve Poole from the National Center for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Lab.  Their talk, entitled “Requirements for Exascale Systems”, follows a major goal for the event.  OFA and its contributors hope to plan for the next level of scalability and usability, theoretically in search of the magic exascale system.

Many topics are on the agenda for Sonoma, including the use of OFED in data warehousing, advanced search and visualization, oil and gas exploration, virtualization and cloud computing, hybrid and multi-core architectures, distributed systems, fast messaging for financial services, and much more.

For more info on the event and the agenda, check out the Open Fabrics website here.