ORNL Scientists Selected for Recovery Act Early Career Awards

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Four Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientists have been selected for the Department of Energy’s new Early Career Research Program.  They are part of the 69 scientists that have been selected to receive the five-year grants.  The program is funded with $85 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act by the DoE Office of Science.  Its designed to foster the early career work of scientists.

One of the four selected at ORNL is doing specific research within HPC.  Kalyan Perumalla of the Computational Sciences & Engineering Division was selected for “ReveR-SES: Reversible Software Execution Systems.”  His proposal builds upon his knowledge in reversible software systems and high-end computing systems.

It is aimed at a paradigm shift in ultra-scale computing, called reversible software execution, which holds new promise in the area of high performance computing,” Perumalla said.

Ultra-scale computing, eh?  Sounds like something the DoE might be interested in.  The source article states, “his research focuses on the application of novel reversible (anti-) computation methodologies, ultimately aimed at addressing multiple challenges in ultra-scale computing, including energy consumption, performance optimization, fault tolerance and debugging.”

Congrats to all 69 scientists that received the grants.  For more info, read the full article here.