Russian University Shooting for Petaflop-Scale System

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The chairman of the state parliament of the Russian Federation announced last Friday that the country’s biggest university would obtain a supercomputer that breaks a Petaflop in performance.  So who’s the lucky recipient?  According to the source article, the candidate recipient will be the Moscow State University.

The study regarding techno-economical efficiency of a PetaFLOPS supercomputer based on the ‘Lomonosov’ supercomputer is present. I will put this matter on consideration of the president and the prime minister,” said Boris Gryzlov, the chairman of the Russian parliament, reports Cnews web-site.

Moscow State’s current large-scale platform is the Lomonosov machine which is currently ranked 12th on the Top500.  It’s based on Intel Xeon 5570 [Nehalem] silicon.  Total funding of the Lomonosov in 2010 from the federal budget will amount to $51.2 million. The MSU has already invested in the creation of supercomputer approximately $11.94 million. The total cost of the project at present is about $64.8 million.

For more info, read the source article here.