Skoda Selects SGI ICE for CAE

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SGI announced today that Skoda Automotive a.s. has selected their Altix ICE platform to augment its computer-aided engineering [CAE] system.  The Altix ICE 8200EX machine has 1,024 cores and over 20 TB of storage. The target workloads are computational fluid dynamics analysis using ANSYS FLUENT and OpenFOAM, and for crash analysis using ESI Group PAM-CRASH software.

Product quality and safety, together with advantageous pricing for our customers, is our utmost priority,” said Karel Svabek, head of Skoda Frontloading department. “With the SGI Altix ICE installation we will be able to rapidly develop more innovative vehicles with excellent value-to-price ratios.”

SGI logoAutomotive companies are faced with more demanding computing applications every day with ever-growing amounts of data to manage and process, and pressure to deliver results in record time,” said Joop Ruijgrok, vice president of SGI EMEA. “With Altix ICE supercomputers, Skoda can now easily scale to meet processing requirements as they develop, while attaining new density levels, efficiency, reliability and manageability.”

For more info, read their full release here.