More GPU Routines From NAG

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The Numerical Algorithms Group announced today that they have included more GPU routines in their latest release of the NAG numeric routines.  The new GPU-centric additions are designed for running Monte Carlo simulations.

Speaking for NVIDIA, a leader in GPU computing, Andrew Cresci, GM Vertical Marketing comments, “The ecosystem around GPU computing is growing rapidly and NAG’s additions to their routines for GPU computing could not be more timely. NAG’s numerical libraries are renowned for delivering top performance while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy. There are now some 60,000 active CUDA developers, and providing access to trusted algorithms from NAG is a major milestone that enhances the maturity of NVIDIA’s GPU computing architecture.”

NAG’s numerical routines for GPU computing are available to academic researchers involved in collaborative research with the NAG organization. Commercial organizations can also get access to NAG’s GPU code and programming services by contacting the NAG directly.  For more info, check out the product website here.