Dell Adds GPUs to Blade Servers

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Dude, you’re getting a GPU!  Dell announced details today about a new blade server series that includes the ability to host high performance graphics cards.  According to Brian Payne, director of server product management at Dell, the new PowerEdge M610x blade servers will include two full-length PCI-Express slots in order to accommodate up to two 250 watt graphics cards.

Dell logoA single M610x with a Nvidia Tesla can provide 400 gigaflops of peak performance to meet demanding workloads, Dell said. The two-socket server will be based on Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 quad-core or six-core CPUs and support up to 192GB of memory.

GPUs generate quite a bit of heat relative to their smaller form factor, so Dell has beefed up the latest M1000e blade chassis with new power supplies and cooling fans.

For more info, read the full article here.