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Exascale Research Gains Attention in Russia; Formalized Global Collaboration Efforts Emerging

From the earliest discussions of exascale development, many have posited that success will only be achieved with extensive global cooperation, bringing the most advanced thinking to bear on the many challenges presented by extreme complexity. Identifying those global resources is a continuing goal of The Exascale Report. We have covered various US and EU initiatives and projects as well as the efforts of the IESP to create a cohesive exascale roadmap.

In this article, we gain a Russian perspective on exascale development in an interview with Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO and Chairman of the Board of T-Platforms. Opanasenko has guided the company from its founding in 2002 to its current multinational status, which includes T-Platforms, T-Services, T-Massive Computing and T-design divisions and offices in Hanover, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Campbell, California, and Taipei, Taiwan. He was recently honored as one of HPCWire’s People to Watch for 2011.

T-Platforms Group is working in close cooperation with leading academic institutions, particularly Moscow State University (MSU) to develop exascale technology in Russia. The company has delivered two systems that are the largest known in Russia, Chebyshev and Lomonosov. The latter is number seventeen on the Top500 as of this writing, achieving over 300 TeraFLOPS with 35,360 cores.

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