Python’s Role in Big Data Analytics: Past, Present, and Future

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Travis Oliphant

Travis Oliphant

In this video from EuroPython 2014, Travis Oliphant from Continuum Analytics presents: Python’s Role in Big Data Analytics: Past, Present, and Future.

Python has had a long history in Scientific Computing which means it has had the fundamental building blocks necessary for doing Data Analysis for many years. As a result, Python has long played a role in scientific problems with the largest data sets. Lately, it has also grown in traction as a tool for doing rapid Data Analysis. As a result, Python is the center of an emerging trend that is unifying traditional High Performance Computing with “Big Data” applications. In this talk I will discuss the features of Python and its popular libraries that have promoted its use in data analytics. I will also discuss the features that are still missing to enable Python to remain competitive and useful for data scientists and other domain experts. Finally, will describe open source projects that are currently occupying my attention which can assist in keeping Python relevant and even essential in Data Analytics for many years to come.

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