Solarflare Rolls Out 40Gb Ethernet Server Adapter

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imgresThis week at SC14Solarflare announced the general availability of the Solarflare Flareon Ultra SFN7042Q dual-port 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) QSFP+ PCIe 3.0 server I/O adapter. It provides hardware-assisted features that economically and efficiently distribute I/O processor workloads and optimize CPU utilization and bandwidth for 40Gb Ethernet applications.

The SFN7042Q accelerates Ethernet-attached storage, real-time capture and monitoring, big data analytics as well as other cloud and Web 2.0 implementations and cloud applications such as data-intensive key value storage workloads. These workloads include NoSQL, memcached, and CouchBase Server.

The Solarflare Flareon Ultra SFN7042Q marks another step forward in technology, delivering a high-performance solution for high-bandwidth 40Gb Ethernet applications,” said Mike Smith, vice president and general manager of host solutions at Solarflare. “Our history of delivering best-in-class 10GbE and 40GbE software and hardware solutions, coupled with Intel’s latest generation server platforms, enable customers to accelerate the return on investment of these critical IT infrastructures.”

With a PCIe 3.0 host interface, a full set of stateless offloads, hardware switch fabric and flow processing engines, plus new internal data-path micro-architecture, the SFN7042Q delivers industry-leading performance with low CPU utilization for dual-port 40GbE and quad-port 10GbE networking. This server adapter features a unique, highly virtualized host interface that includes 2048 virtual NIC (vNIC) interfaces, 16 physical functions and 240 virtual functions. These functions enable unmatched multi-core and virtual machine (VM) scalability for next generation cloud computing and software defined networking. With AppFlex™ technology, all Flareon adapters enable users to deploy multiple network services with a single server adapter. As a result, on a server-by-server basis, customers can accelerate applications, closely monitor network performance and add a new layer of server security at the network edge.

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