SGI Delivers HPC Productivity to Manufacturers

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SGI offers a highly flexible framework of scale-up and scale-out servers and storage products ideally suited for CAE workloads from multiple disciplines. This includes the ability to maximize the efficiency of HPC infrastructures for CAE by seamlessly integrating all the requisite components – hardware, software and storage. In addition, the company has a long history of proven domain knowledge and key CAE application expertise. All of these capabilities are supported by strong ISV relationships and partner ecosystem.

SGI MFG WP - Cover Sm. 3This article is part of 5 article series on how HPC is helping to Fuel the Growth in Manufacturing. This white paper was created by the editors of insideHPC and underwritten by SGI and Intel.

SGI is delivering HPC productivity to manufacturers, both large and small, and, in the process, contributing to the resurgence of the manufacturing sector in the U.S. and around the world. Here are some of SGI products that are geared for manufactures.


A powerful HPC system that minimized time to solution, the SGI UV provides ultimate flexibility for running both shared memory and distributed memory applications in one system using a single OS instance.  Typical analysis types handled by a UV system include: bandwidth performance; large dynamics with Lanczos-Modal NVH; transient CFD; electromagnetics and multiphysics workloads.

SGI Rackable® or SGI® ICE™ X

SGI Rackable and SGI ICE X HPC clusters are a cost-effective solution and performance leader for most solver runs.  Just a few of the analysis types that these systems are designed to handle include: general purpose CSM-Statics; direct frequency response; crash/impact analysis; and steady state CFD, as well as some transient CFD.

SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600

SGI’s storage solution provides fast, scalable, and reliable storage for all CAE workloads.  The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 allows users to store and utilize vast amounts of engineering data for bandwidth-intensive applications and complex application processing. This is a high availability, highly reliable ultra-dense system that is modular in design enabling it to scale to meet future demand.

SGI also provides a wide range of storage software for creating and managing a variety of essential environments and tasks such as: virtualization; archiving; information lifecycle management; SAN file systems; and the management of digital assets.

Next week we will examine some case studies of how manufactures are using HPC and CAE to drive growth.  If you prefer you can download the complete article series from the insideHPC White Paper Library courtesy of SGI and Intel.