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IBM Platform Computing – Ready to Run Clusters in the Cloud

Demands by users that are running applications in the scientific, technical, financial or research areas can easily outstrip the capabilities of in-house clusters of servers. IT departments have to anticipate compute and storage needs for their most demanding users, which can lead to extra spending on both CAPEX and OPEX once the workload changes. While purchasing and maintaining a cluster is a significant investment, the use of a public or hybrid cloud constitute a new option, using the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service.

Cluster Cloud med

When the workload demands are constant, in-house datacenters can be designed to perform for that known workload. However, when seasonal or project demands create an unpredictable demand spike, a solution is needed that can respond, quickly and effectively. The solution needs to be able to expand and contract. Enter the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service. IBM is able to take its years of experience in both High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud Computing to offer organizations a reliable alternative to in-house data centers.

The IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service makes use of IBM Platform LSF, IBM Platform Symphony products and includes Elastic Storage, all implemented high performance Softlayer Infrastructure and is available with 24 x 7 IBM Support. Capacity can be added in hours, not the months it would take to purchase a new computing and storage infrastructure and bringing the overall system up.

With the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service, it is easy to build and manage a public or hybrid cloud environment. IBM manages the support and your data is protected by encryption and physical separation if required. The IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service is highly configurable based on current or anticipated workload. It is a complete, end-to-end dynamic cloud solution. If your organization needs more computing capacity that it is ready to purchase in-house, the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service is an optimal solution. To learn more, view the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service video. View it now.

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