Fujitsu Launches HPC Gateway Web Software

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leverage-expertise-for-more-economic-value-from-hpc-clusters-53-638Today Fujitsu announced plans to make HPC more accessible to a wider customer base with the FUJITSU Software HPC Gateway. The company said it wants to simplify High Performance Computing with this new approach to web-enabling access to HPC clusters and servers.

Fujitsu is focusing on simplicity to provide a new entry point to HPC,” said Darius Wilke, General Manager Global High Performance Computing Business. We are enabling more users to learn quickly and work more effectively with High Performance Computing – at lower risk and higher ROI. Through offering an HPC Application Catalog, a much wider base of customers immediately can gain access to our industrialized expertise, since this can be scaled to the largest number of individuals and teams.”

As part of this effort, Fujitsu is opening an online HPC Gateway demonstration center in Toulouse, France. This gives customers a chance to see first hand how Fujitsu’s vision of Human Centric Innovation simplifies and extends the use of HPC via a variety of deployment scenarios.

The demo center is powered by the FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC solution. Customers can explore how HPC can boost their business by running simulations and testing a wide range of functionality via the Fujitsu HPC Cluster, using their own data, but from the comfort and convenience of their own offices – with secure access to data provided by the web-based Fujitsu HPC Gateway integrated web workplace.

In contrast to the often limited conventional view found in other web interfaces, the Fujitsu HPC Gateway leverages a familiar, rich ‘desktop’ interactive environment, giving users a more flexible and engaging experience. A naturally intuitive design is intended to help even new users quickly become operational and productive. The ability to have multiple concurrent views increases connections between activities and data, driving a more effective project workflow.

Fujitsu is also making efforts to widen accessibility of HPC via the introduction of an Application Catalog of pre-built packages around widely-used HPC codes, based on Fujitsu’s expertise in HPC processes, methods and visualization. This transferred expertise means end-users can expect to be productive from their first login via the HPC Gateway, and can expect their HPC workloads to operate more robustly and effectively.

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