BSC Opens Productivity Center of Excellence for HPC Apps

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Today the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) announced the opening of their Performance Optimization and Productivity (POP) Center of Excellence. With the POP, developers of applications that require the use of High Performance Computing can count now with the free advice of European experts to analyze the performance of its codes.


POP is one of the eight Centers of Excellence in HPC that have been promoted by the European Commission to foster the use of HPC technologies in science and engineering within Horizon 2020. POP Center of Excellence gathers together experts from BSC, the German Supercomputing centers in Jülich, and Stuttgart, the Technical University of Aachen, the British center of numerical services NAG, and the French center of competence for numerical simulation Ter@atec.

The aim of POP is to provide service to the industrial and academic community, help them to better understand the behavior of their codes and suggest improvements to increase their efficiency.

pop_logoThe Barcelona Supercomputing Center coordinates POP and is part of the five following: ESiWACE, on weather and climate simulation; Oriented Energy Center of Excellence, for the application of HPC in new energy sources research; BioExcel, for biomolecular research; and MAX and NOMAD, for research in new materials.

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