Rogue Wave Software CodeDynamics Expands the Reach of Multithreaded Debugging

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rogueToday Rogue Wave Software announced CodeDynamics, the next generation of dynamic analysis for data-intensive commercial applications. CodeDynamics expands the reach of multithreaded debugging from high performance computing environment into the commercial market.

Built on the proven, time-tested, and scalable debugger engine in TotalView for HPC, CodeDynamics brings parallel, multithreaded testing power to commercial applications with a friendly user interface. Enterprises that demand performance, scalability, and high-availability will find value in the deep thread control, unique reverse debugging, and advanced data visualization features of CodeDynamics.

“The use for large-scale data modeling and analytics is growing, driving the adoption of technologies traditionally reserved for HPC into new enterprise and industrial applications,” said Marty Bakal, principal product manager at Rogue Wave. “The need is the same: extremely fast systems, highly optimized code, and innovative algorithms – all requirements for big data and similar computing solutions in financial, energy, science, government, and other commercial services.”

In addition to the release of CodeDynamics, TotalView for HPC 8.15.10 will be released days before Rogue Wave attends the annual Supercomputing Conference, SC15. With support for Linux PowerLE, improvements for C++11, added support for NVIDIA CUDA 7.5, and additional compiler support, TotalView delivers unbeatable platform, language, and compiler support for HPC applications.

We’re proud to announce the evolution of development across all industries with TotalView for HPC and the introduction of CodeDynamics,” said Bakal. “With these two products we’re building on our commitment to parallel, multicore computing, while continuing to help developers understand their applications better and isolate faults faster.”

Unique to both CodeDynamics and TotalView for HPC is the ReplayEngine feature, built to simplify the troubleshooting process. By recording and saving program execution, ReplayEngine allows developers to work back from a failure, error, or crash to find the root cause without repetitive restarts and stops, and allows developers to store the recording to investigate the error at any time. ReplayEngine drastically reduces the amount of time invested in troubleshooting code.

Learn more about CodeDynamics and TotalView for HPC at the RogueWave booth #1324 at SC15.

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