2016 Open Fabrics Workshop Video Gallery

Open Fabric AllianceWelcome to the 2016 Open Fabrics Workshop Video Gallery

Solving difficult network problems demands an ongoing collaboration between OpenFabrics Software (OFS) producers and users. The 12th Annual OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop is the premier event for such exchanges, geared toward strengthening high-performance networks end-to-end.

HPC Storage and IO Trends and Workflows, Gary Grider, LANL, Video * Slides

Designing MPI and PGAS Libraries for Exascale Systems: The MVAPICH2 Approach
Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University, Video * Slides

GASNet: Global Address Space Networking
Paul H. Hargrove, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Slides * Video

High-Performance MPI Library with SR-IOV and SLURM for Virtualized InfiniBand Clusters
Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University; Xiaoyi Lu, The Ohio State University, Video * Slides

Introducing Sandia OpenSHMEM with Multi-fabric Support Using libfabric
Kayla Seager, Intel; Video * Slides

OpenMPI and Recent Trends in Network APIs
Howard Pritchard, LANL, Slides and Video Not Available

Status of OFI in MPICH
Ken Raffenetti, Argonne National Laboratory, Video * Slides

UPC++: PGAS Programming with C++
Yili Zheng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Video * Slides

Fabrics and Topologies for Directly Attached Parallel File Systems
Susan Coulter, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Video * Slides

Multi-Rail LNET for Lustre
Amir Shehata, Intel, Video * Slides

Persistent Memory BoF Update
Tom Talpey, Microsoft, Video * Slides

APIs for an NVM World
Paul Grun, Cray Inc., Video * Slides

SNIA NVM Programming Model Update
Doug Voigt, HP Enterprise, Video * Slides

iSER as Accelerator for Software Defined Storage
Tej Parkash, IBM; Subhojit Roy, IBM, Video Not Available * Slides

NVMe over Fabrics
Stephen Bates, Microsemi, Video * Slides

Intel Omni-Path Fabric® Management and Tools Features
James Wright, Intel, Video * Slides

Monitoring High Speed Network Fabrics: Experiences and Needs
Jim Brandt, SNL; Ann Gentile, SNL, Video Not Available * Slides

InfiniBand Topologies and Routing in the Real World
Jessie Martinez, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Video * Slides

Using High Performance Network Interconnects in Dynamic Environments
Evangelos Tasoulas, Simula Research Laboratory; Tor Skeie, Simula Research Laboratory, Video * Slides

Multicast Use in the Financial Industry, Christopher Lameter, GenTwo, Video * Slides

Effective Coding with OFED APIs for Performance
Adhiraj Joshi, Veritas Technologies, Video * Slides

Experiences in Writing OFED Software for a New InfiniBand HCA
Knut Omang, Oracle, Video * Slides

User Mode Ethernet Verbs
Tzahi Oved, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

Kernel Verbs API Updates
Leon Romanovsky, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

kfabric: Pathfinding a Kernel Storage Fabric Midlayer
Scott Atchley, ORNL/OpenFabrics Alliance, Video * Slides

Mainstreaming RDMA API Changes for Red Hat 7.2
Christoph Lameter, Gentwo, Video * Slides

New Features and Capabilities in PSM2
Ravi Murty, Intel, Video * Slides

Past, Present, and Future of OpenFabrics Interfaces
Sean Hefty, OpenFabrics Alliance, Video * Slides

RDMA Reset Support
Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

InfiniBand SELinux Support
Dan Jurgens, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

A Database Guy’s Journey Into RDMA Multicast
Markus Dreseler, Hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam; Christian Tinnefeld, SAP Labs, Video * Slides

Exploiting HPC Technologies to Accelerate Big Data Processing
Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University, Video * Slides

Experiences with Large-scale Multi-subnet InfiniBand Fabrics
David Southwell, Obsidian Strategics Inc., Video not available * Slides

InfiniBand as the Core Network in an Exchange Application
Ralph Barth, Deutsche Börse AG; Joachim Stenzel, Deutsche Börse AG, Video * Slides

Preparing LHCb Event Building at 4 TB/s
Sébastien Valat, CERN, Video * Slides

Creating a Common Software Verbs Implementation
Dennis Dalessandro, Intel, Video * Slides

Experiences Implementing a Paravirtual RDMA Device
Aditya Sarwade, VMWare; Adit Ranadive, VMWare; Jorgen Hansen, VMWare; Bhavesh Davda, VMWare; George Zhang, VMWare; 
Shelley Gong, VMWare, Video * Slides

Extending RDMA for Alternate Fabrics
Ira Weiny, Intel, Video * Slides

FlashNet: A Unified High-Performance I/O Stack
Animesh Trivedi, IBM Zurich Research; Nikolas Ioannou, IBM Zurich Research; Bernard Metzler, IBM Zurich Research, Video Not Available * Slides

InfiniBand Routers Premier
Mark Bloch, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Slides

InfiniBand Virtualization Update
Liran Liss, Mellanox, Video * Slides

Intel Omni-Path Fabric Open Source Overview
John Fleck, Intel, Video * Slides

OpenPOWER-based Open Hybrid Computing: Building the Ecosystem for a Flexible Heterogeneous Compute Architecture
Bernard Metzler, IBM Zurich Research, Video Not Available * Slides

RDMA and User-space Ethernet Bonding
Tzahi Oved, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

RDMA Containers Update
Haggai Eran, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

Software Defined Networking on InfiniBand Fabrics
Ariel Cohen, Oracle, Video * Slides

Compliance and Interoperability in an Application-centric World
Paul Grun, OpenFabrics Alliance, Video * Slides

National Labs Forum: Update
Paul Grun, Cray Inc.; Jim Ryan, Intel, Video * Slides

Birds of a Feather: System Admin
Susan Coulter, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Chris Beggio, Sandia National Laboratories, No Video Available, Slides

Evolution of PCI Express as the Ubiquitous I/O Interconnect Technology
Debendra Das Sharma, PhD (Chair, PHY Logical Group, PCI-SIG), Intel, Video * Slides

OpenFabrics User BoF Report, Chris Beggio, Sandia, Video * Slides

EWG Working Group Update, Robert Woodruff, Intel, Video * Slides 

2016 OpenFabrics Workshop Wraps Up, Jim Ryan, Intel, Video