DDN Announces New Patents in Object Storage

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wos_logoToday DDN announced it has been awarded additional patents for its groundbreaking WOS Object Storage software. DDN’s WOS enables organizations to deploy highly reliable, massively scalable and cost-efficient storage repositories for fast-growing data volumes. WOS technology powers Software Defined Storage initiatives in data intensive organizations providing simple to manage solutions for Open Source projects as well as Private Cloud and Active Archive deployments. End users, service providers and hosting companies across the globe trust WOS to deliver peace of mind that their data is secure, easy to access and able to scale while staying within limited and often shrinking IT budgets.

DDN’s numerous object storage technology patents and the breadth of our patent portfolio exemplifies our commitment to object storage innovation and furthering the momentum of object storage usage within the storage market,” said Dave Fellinger, chief scientist at DDN. “For many if not all storage deployments, object storage is a smart, pertinent tier of storage. The patents we announced today not only protect our technology advancements but also assure our customers that their choice of object storage technology will not be subject to change, controversy or litigation in the future. And with more than 400 billion objects being managed on DDN solutions, we will continue to vigorously innovate object storage technology to ensure our customers’ unstructured data can be stored securely and cost effectively with the highest performance and scalability.”

The company’s ever-growing WOS object storage technology patent portfolio enables and protects DDN’s unique ability to automatically maintain specified data policies without administrative intervention in a pure peer-to-peer parallel network. The two most recently issued patents cover significant functionality in data accessibility and data protection:

  • #9,177,034 ‘Searchable Data in an Object Storage System,’ which allows for extremely efficient, parallel, searches across entire geographically distributed clusters
  • #9,223,654 ‘Resilient Distributed Replicated Data Storage System,’ which streamlines data distribution and network connectivity and enables use of a local server within a local zone to protect the data geographically

“DDN has been a market leader of storage innovation for high performance computing and these new object storage patents extends that position into the object storage space,” said Henry Baltazar, research director, 451 Research. “With a strong patent portfolio and state-of-the-art object storage technologies, DDN continues to be well positioned to provide high performance, highly scalable, well-integrated object storage solutions as an integral part of its storage solution offerings.”

The result of DDN’s unmatched innovation in object storage technology is a very efficient data resiliency model designed to ensure that if there is a failure of a system element in one location the data can be re-created without the use of a wide area network. In all cases, DDN minimizes latency by never having data pass through servers that are external to the storage cluster.

As an innovative leader of cutting-edge, performance-driven storage, DDN has many additional patents pending and plans to announce patent wins with regularity going forward – including additional object storage-related technology patents.

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