Bright Computing Partners with France-based Alineos

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formation_2Today Bright Computing announced a partnership with Alineos, an an HPC pioneer in France since 2000.

Alineos clients are keen to simplify the installation of HPC, big data and OpenStack, and then blend these environments into a single view,” said Clemens Engler, Director, Business Development in EMEA at Bright. “Bright is uniquely positioned to service these requirements, so we look forward to some interesting discussions with Alineos’ clients in the coming months.”

Alineos provides turnkey solutions that integrate the latest technology, to offer French enterprises, universities, public sector departments and research houses scalable, customized, and high-end HPC solutions. As the scope and scale of HPC environments grow, Alineos’ customers are showing an increased level of interest in infrastructure management technology, to help deploy, monitor, manage, provision and health-check these huge compute environments.

Alineos chose to partner with Bright Computing as a result of Bright’s ability to automate and speed up the installation of an HPC platform, Bright’s robust software solutions, and its strong reputation across Europe. Bright has a proven track record in the HPC market, coupled with a growing customer base that requires infrastructure management for their OpenStack and big data environments as well.

“OpenStack and big data are two emerging markets for Alineos, because our customers are looking at innovative ways to manage these platforms alongside – and in conjunction with – their HPC environments,” said Yves Chabrillac, Président at Alineos. “With the convergence of HPC and OpenStack, and HPC and big data, we envisage Bright playing a very important role in seamlessly extending their management capability across these new environments, giving our customers a seamless operating experience.”

Alineos reviewed a number of infrastructure management solutions, before deciding that a partnership with Bright Computing was the best way forward. A key reason for this decision was the fact that Bright technology is vendor agnostic. Alineos strives to provide the best software and hardware solutions to its clients, which often leads to multiple vendor technologies co-existing in the same infrastructure. Therefore it was imperative for the infrastructure management solution to be vendor agnostic, to overarch all technologies and provide a single view of the environment.

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