CFMS Joins Hyperflux++ Project to Advance CFD

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hyperfluxToday the Centre for Modeling & Simulation (CFMS) in the UK announced it will be taking part in a follow-on to the Hyperflux project.

Hyperflux ++ builds on the successful Innovate UK project ‘Hyperflux’ – developing next generation CFD technology for the civil, automotive, renewable and aerospace sectors using the cutting-edge high-order flux reconstruction technique from Peter Vincent, Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow at the Department of Aeronautics and his team at Imperial College London (ICL). Hyperflux is a UK-based software tool, underpinned by expertise within the UK. This is in line with government strategies for HVM and ICT.

“High-order methods have the potential to speed up the design cycle, reduce costs and improve products,” said Sam Paice, Chief Operating Officer, CFMS. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the Hyperflux++ program, which underpins our commitment to developing learning and awareness of state-of-the-art for methods development.”

Led by Zenotech, a cloud high performance computing (HPC) specialist, Hyperflux++ brings Bombardier, CFMS, Aircraft Research Association Ltd and Zenotech together to further develop the capability and address timely challenges in the aerodynamic modeling of undercarriages and nacelles. It will include localized transition modeling; better and more robust high-order mesh generation and high fidelity acoustic source modeling. The capability will be available to all UK organizations via cloud access through the CFMS supercomputer, and will leverage the latest in many-core hardware for fast, efficient computation. Workflow integration to existing tool chains will be via support for most mesh formats, with automated upgrade to high-order elements.

The project is receiving funding from the aerospace R&D program, a £3.9 billion joint funding commitment from industry and government to support projects which build on the UK’s strengths and develop the products and manufacturing technologies that will best position the UK to sustain its global competitiveness.

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