Monash University Joins NVIDIA Technology Centre Asia Pacific

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Monash University

Monash University

Today Monash University announced that it has become the first spoke of the NVIDIA Technology Centre Asia Pacific. With its hub is in Singapore, the NVIDIA Southeast Asia Technology Centre is based at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and has a core focus on deep learning research and development.

We develop code to understand the 3D structure and function of proteins. Using NVIDIA technology accelerates our code and we are moving closer and closer to the goal of real time image processing,” Professor Elmlund said. “Running our algorithms on new generation microchips allow us to solve structures faster and with more precision. This gives medical researchers increased knowledge of fundamental biological phenomena and action. These insights are extremely useful in driving new drug development programs.”

“We view this collaboration as an ideal opportunity to make big impacts,” said Steve Oberlin, Chief Technology Officer of NVIDIA’s Accelerated Computing. “By continuing to leverage GPU processing we hope to revolutionize the world by providing scientists with tools to develop insightful algorithms that will be used in fields as disparate as robotics and medicine. Imaging the dynamics of complex proteins supports the development of personalized medicines and enhancing computing power will allow robots to understand and navigate our four dimensional world.”

Researchers from Monash University will present a pair of talks on accelerated computing at the GPU Technology Conference, which takes place April 4-7 in San Jose, California.

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