Nimbix & Bitfusion Deliver Affordable High Performance GPU Resources in the Cloud

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nimbixToday Nimbix and Bitfusion rolled out a new combined solution to offer more choices to application developers looking for high performance GPU accelerators on an on-demand basis. The Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, now integrates Bitfusion Boost to offer lower cost accelerator resources for developing compute hungry machine learning, analytics, and photorealistic rendering algorithms.

Nimbix has been about empowering developers to create accelerated applications in the cloud since day 1,” said Nimbix CTO Leo Reiter. “With this new combined solution, developers have more choices than ever before when it comes to performance and economics for the next generation of cloud computing workflows.”

The solution uses Bitfusion Boost’s software defined compute technology to enable higher horsepower virtual GPU instances with costs significantly lower than anywhere in the cloud. The solution will also permit the combining of interesting CPU-memory-GPU configurations in the future. A developer will be able to combine the largest memory machine with an unlimited number of GPU nodes together to form a single powerful instance capable of handling a much larger job than before.

The solution currently supports any GPU compute applications and offers portability to larger scale supercomputing resources utilizing NVIDIA K40 and K80 GPUs on the Nimbix Cloud.

Right now, developers can choose from lower cost single and dual OpenCL or CUDA-compatible GPU machine types for developing and testing algorithms or applications. Once ready for large scale testing or deployment, the same code can be executed on larger instances with multiple CPU-Memory permutations with as many dual K40s or K80s on demand. The solution may be extended to include other compute accelerators in the future, based on demand.

So many smaller and mid-market companies require faster speeds and better performance to differentiate themselves from competition and really flourish in today’s technology-driven economy,” said Subbu Rama, co-founder and CEO of Bitfusion. “Until now, access to high performance systems has long been exclusively for big companies with big budgets. At Bitfusion, our mission is to enable ubiquitous access to high performance hardware and we are glad to work with a cloud service provider like Nimbix towards that goal.”

Pay-per-use pricing for these new developer-focused GPU enabled resources start at $0.49 per hour on a per node basis, which is the lowest price compared to anywhere in the cloud today. Subscription pricing is also available. Pricing includes all infrastructure and platform licensing fees.

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