WOS Object Storage Increases Momentum at DDN

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wosToday DDN announced a year of unprecedented growth in the usage of its advanced WOS object storage platform. In less than a year, use of the company’s object storage solutions have grown by more than 150 percent to 500+ billion objects in production. Fast-paced growth and strong demand for scale-out storage clouds have propelled DDN’s WOS to one of the industry’s top solutions based on the number of objects in production and have fortified DDN’s position as a strong market leader in object storage. Continuing to fuel the pace of its object storage momentum, DDN also announced the availability of its latest WOS platform release.

The rapid rise in the adoption of WOS object storage is being driven by the need for high reliability, cost-effective archive and backup storage solutions,” said Molly Rector, CMO, executive vice president product management and worldwide marketing, DDN. “DDN’s relentless commitment to delivering massively scalable, high-performance solutions that enable seamless collaboration and global distribution to archival media allow our users to cost effectively retain, share and leverage their highly valuable data assets.”

With the availability of the latest release of its WOS object storage platform, DDN continues to advance the development of its software-defined object-based storage technology. WOS provides users with even greater network efficiency for data sharing, robust erasure coding schemes, enhanced data durability and accessibility options needed for today’s web-scale enterprises across a variety of industries including media and entertainment, research, life sciences and education.

WOS possesses a powerful combination of high-performance, flexible protection, superior multi-site capabilities and storage efficiencies that make it the perfect solution for a wide range of use cases including active archive repositories, OpenStack Swift, data management, disaster recovery, content distribution, distributed collaboration workflows, enterprise content repositories, file sync and share, geospatial images, video surveillance, scale-out web and cloud services, and video post-production.

New features and capabilities include:

  • New Security Enhancements, with new security features it is easier than ever to integrate WOS into enterprise administration models using LDAP and Active Directory while also protecting against the potential for malevolent intrusions through object communication encryption;
  • Increased Data Durability, with background data scrubbing to proactively identify and correct silent data corruption, and robust enhancements to protect against malicious and unintended data deletion to manage the secure retention of data and ensure it can be recalled;
  • Increased Data Availability, with node resume performance and high availability between nodes with fail-over support that keeps data readily available;
  • Enhanced Supportability and Manageability, making WOS easier to use and service through seamless upgrade and simplified installation processes; and
  • Increased Data Accessibility and Connectivity, with advanced feature support for OpenStack Swift, S3, SMB (CIFS), NFS, Spectrum Scale™ and Lustre®, as well as enhancements to cross-protocol locking for easy accessibility to data.

DDN WOS is the world’s most efficient object storage platform and can be deployed as either optimized hardware appliances or software-defined storage to fit the requirements of diverse environments seeking to build fully functional, scale-out storage clouds (private or public). Purpose-built to address the relentless growth of data in the most adaptable and efficient manner, WOS enables the creation of an almost limitless Exascale storage pool that exhibits predictable and reliable high-performance at any scale. In addition, it provides easy management by creating a single pool of storage based on heterogeneous commodity hardware while building a highly reliable environment that can be tuned specifically to meet designated performance, capacity and scalability needs.

Getting a handle on data growth is a challenge that affects companies of every size. More importantly, traditional storage architectures don’t offer the powerful data insight and distributed management capabilities enabled by a metadata-rich object storage environment,” said Steven Hill, senior analyst for storage technologies with 451 Research. “Customers looking to build the next-generation of hybrid, enterprise-class storage will find that object storage platforms, like DDN’s WOS environment, offer data protection, visibility, scalability, efficiency and granular storage management capabilities, as well as providing a seamless hybrid storage platform that extends to public cloud resources such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure that are already based on object storage.”

The new WOS enhancements are available as an upgrade to current customers and for new shipments immediately.

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